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The Beginning...

Born and raised in Hudson County NJ, Genesis (born Tanysha Soulia) was brought up by a single mother, her grandmother & older brother. Her father disappeared before she ever got the chance to know who he was. Her family came from a low-income home but her mom did the best she could to give Genesis and her brother a good life. Her grandparents and mother came to the United States from Cuba in the mid 1950s. As she grew, she developed a passion for music and basketball. She played on various recreation teams for her town and then finally joined the team at Anna L. Klein school in Guttenberg. In love with the sport, she moved into high school and was anxious to try out for the North Bergen High School girl's basketball team. That never happened. She ended up going to 3 different schools that year and never got the chance to join a team.

In 2003, after being evicted from their apartment in Guttenberg, she and her mother Theresa moved into a room in a basement in West New York for a couple of months. Being financially unstable, they moved once again and Genesis and her mother ended up settling in Union City. At this time in her life, Genesis was dealing with a lot. Her mom Theresa had never been a drinker but life was weighing heavy on her shoulders and she had grown depressed with her own mother in a nursing home suffering from Alzheimer's, dementia and blindness. The pressures of life drove Genesis to begin writing out her experiences. Rebelling against everyone around her, Genesis became truant in school and eventually DYFS became involved. At 15 years old, she was forcibly removed from her mother; the only home she ever knew.

Her first home was located in Branchville in Sussex County in May of 2004. Being an inner city kid, the farms that filled her vision were overwhelming. This placement didn't last long as she then landed in a group home in Jersey City. Genesis had no idea how long it'd be before she would be able to see her mom again. She then was transferred to another group home in Saddle Brook. After not being fed for a couple of days and with no money in her pocket, she placed a call to her mother who contacted the first foster home mother in Branchville who got the police involved. The next day she was transferred back to the foster home in Sussex County.

At 15, Genesis was still a freshman in high school due to the constant moving and transfers out of different schools. She began going to High Point Regional in Wantage in September of 2004. On Tuesday September 21st, she had a scheduled visitation with her mom. After school, she got off the bus and waited for a DYFS worker to show up and drive her to Meadowlands Hospital in Secaucus where her mom was admitted for reasons she wasn't sure of. Her mom had various health issues for quite some time, as she didn't take care of herself all that well. During the ride, one of Theresa's good friends Maria called and asked to speak to the driver. Genesis noticed the change of route when they got off the exit to go into her old neighborhood as opposed to the hospital. They pulled up in front of Maria's house and rang the bell. She didn't think much of it except maybe the fact that her mom was released early and was there waiting for her. When she saw Maria's eyes, she knew something was wrong.

"Your mom passed away this afternoon." That's a sentence that changes someone forever no matter how old you are. From that point on, Genesis took to writing as a way to escape her pain and frustration in life. Between 2004 up until her first official recorded song in 2013 "Time Heals All," Genesis had already written a few dozen songs; most of which were never recorded or mastered. For years she bounced around; living with friends and significant others until she finally got on her own two feet. Now Genesis has the time and dedication to give her music the attention it deserves and plans on releasing as much music as possible, including an album dedicated solely to the music she recorded in her earlier years that was never released.

Genesis released her first mixtape on her birthday 6/20 of 2018 titled "The Beginning..." which is just that; the beginning of an artist's journey who rose from the ashes and is now sharing her story with those willing to listen. This project was written throughout the course of 10 years.

After the release of her debut mixtape "The Beginning..." in 2018, Genesis continued working on new music and released a 6-track EP in the Fall of 2019 titled "Everything I Never Said", which was written following the end of a long term relationship. Following this EP, her and fellow Jersey artist Downtown released their second Radio Killed The Hip Hop Star album titled "Radio Killed The Hip Hop Star Vol.  2: Dynamic Duo." Genesis released her second mixtape on SoundCloud "Uncut Gem" in September which is a collection of unreleased songs from 2005-2015. Shortly thereafter, RKTHHS released a deluxe version of "Dynamic Duo" which included 4 new songs on the album as well as remastered versions of the rest of the songs.

With 2020 coming to an end and a brand new year ahead, Genesis has already released two new music videos, with one featuring one of Newark's most prominent voices, Mac 91, titled "Find You."

Her first official full-length album "Expect The Unexpected" is scheduled to release one day after her birthday, June 21st.